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Happiness for Pets and Their People

In 2003, owner and training director Elizabeth Chaney established Perfect Pet Resort - a stress-free retreat dedicated to nurturing the individual needs of each and every pet. Today, we wholeheartedly fulfill this pet promise through our 16,000 square foot facility, customizable wellness and spa services, world-class training, overnight dog and cat lodging, rescue and adoption and by offering nutrition-based meals. In doing so, we gladly provide what's most important - happiness for pets and their people.

The Happy Pet Manifesto

We pair an attentive and professional staff with safe, resort-like surroundings to provide these five essential components that create real happiness for pets and their people:

Respectful Interaction: Treat All Guests with Care, Respect and Kindness. - We look at the world through our guests' eyes to connect with them in ways that earn their trust and put them at ease. - We watch over every guest to ensure that they're having the best possible experience. - We adapt our voices, body language and verbal cues to suit each guest.

Healthy Exercise and Rest: Play Hard. Rest Often. - We ensure that guests are getting just the right amount of exercise and play. - We adapt playtime format and frequency to suit the needs and personality of the pet. - Our suites are comfortable and quiet to offer a low-stress environment for rest.

Balanced Nutrition: Serve Drool-Worthy Food that Supports Healthy Digestion. - We've selected a wholesome "house diet" that guests really enjoy. - We monitor our guests' eating/drinking habits and weight to ensure they're getting the food they need to stay healthy. - We can easily accomodate a diet that you supply.

Consistent Routine: Find the Rhythm in Everyday Activities - We help pets establish a flexible routine so they know what to expect.

Nurturing Relationships: Sustain the Bond Between Pets and Their People. - We listen to our clients to understand the many nuances of their relationships with their pets. - We empower our clients with relationship-centered training to help them better communicate with their pets. - We provide ongoing information to help our clients nurture and care for their pets in healthy, beneficial ways.

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